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RIKO STYLE is a Bulgarian manufacturer of tables and chairs with well-established positions in the internal and international markets. We started out as a small scale family workshop in the distant 1992. Today, with more than 400 catalogue products sold in more than 28 countries in the world, we can safely say that we made the right choice RIKO STYLE to be a company that keeps up with the times and the ever-changing trends in our business. At the same time we rely on the best practices in furniture making. This constant blend of tradition and innovation allows us to create quality products with classical and contemporary design.

Central to our identity is the quality. Our pursuit of perfection starts from the very first stage of production with the careful selection of solid wood and plywood continues through each step of the manufacturing process until the ready products are meticulously packed and delivered to our customers. Of great importance to achieve this is the effective teamwork of all our employees combined with the cutting-edge machinery RIKO STYLE has. We design and create chairs and tables ready to enter diverse areas – residential homes, restaurants and hotels, healthcare and educational institutions, and banquets. Our products possess all the specific characteristics that are required based on their application. We can experiment, change our products, and introduce new production technologies because we know who we are and what our brand represents for those who choose it – a guarantee of quality and creativity at a good price, timeless elegance, flexibility and innovative solutions.


About 80% from RIKO STYLE’s productions is made for export. Our main long-term customers are from Great Britain, Germany, France, Denmark, USA, Greece, etc. We work with one of the biggest and world famous hotel chains and restaurant chains. Our chairs and tables are being used by Tottenham Hotspur football club (Great Britain), Silverstone Formula One (Great Britain), Wimbledon tennis tournament (Great Britain), World Trade Centre (Dubai) and many more. Through the years all our customers have remained well satisfied by the quality of our products and the service we offer. We maintain long-term business partnerships with many of them.

The development of long-term and strong partnerships between RIKO STYLE and its customers is based on mutual trust, respect and understanding. We give our clients the certainty that in us they have found not only a trustworthy and reliable partner but a committed supporter too.


We never compromise on quality. To achieve this objective we pay scrupulous sourcing of all raw materials we use in our production. – all the timber we use in the production comes from replanted sources; - the lacquers we use are supplied by the best Italian producers and because our finishing technology is based on fully automatic spraying robots, the quality of the finish is the best possible; - we use fabrics and foams which comply with all European and UK Fire Retardant regulations and we can present all the needed certificates.


Since the very beginning our primary goal has been our clients to get chairs and tables of the highest possible quality. To achieve this, the most important things are the people, the materials and the machinery. We always buy and install in our production the latest generation of equipment used in the furniture industry from top global brands. All the production stages have CPU controlled machines, which guarantees precise work.

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