In the last two and a half years Riко Style Ltd is implementing two projects under the Operational Programme "Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy" 2007-2013, "Technological modernization of SMEs' totaling 3   876   185,16 BGN.

 Implementation of two projects aimed at raising competitiveness Riko Style Ltd. on the domestic and  foreign markets by investing in modern technologies and equipment for the production of high quality  and in line with European standards and requirements. Implementation of projects increase the  potential for production and export of products with high added value and ensure the development of  competitive and efficient production, guaranteeing stability and good economic effect of the enterprise.

 Through the commissioning of new equipment to achieve increased  production capacity and enable the  company to produce and implement a  large number of export-oriented products. It also lowered the  cost of  production. The new machines are automated production costs by reducing  manual labor, the  volume of defects, power consumption, frequent, lengthy  and complex repairs of equipment. Implemented and commissioned  machines produce many more details of a production run, which gives a  direct impact on the cost and the final cost of production.
 Also Riko Style invested and continue to invest in the expansion of its  buildings and the purchase and equipping of a new factory for primary  processing of wood near the present.

 Doing their expansion and renovation of the Administration. Planned to be built the same and the  third floor with a modern showroom. Also built Warehouse for foam, new Repair workshop and  widened Workshop Tables, Machine Workshop, Storage Finished Products.

 In the next five years to provide more investment in machinery and buildings totaling about    4   000   000 BGN,